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We are wholesale and retail gardener.  Located in Green Bay, WI




It all started with our Parents,  Charles and Beverly Wery who in 1966 started Wery Farms. Charles also "dirt farmed" hundreds of acres of vegetables and also sold these in our interstate area along with the plants. Mother kept up the PINK HOUSE in Howard as many remember her flair everyday especially during the Holidays. They passed a love of growing on to his children, thus Sweet Summer Bloomers was born.  Upon Charlie and Bev's passing we purchased the property and homestead and here we are today. Proprietors are Linda (Wery) and Terry Lambert and our GM is Renee Wery.


Thanks Dad and Mom for passing the love of life on to all of us.

          Our Vision
To provide our customers with locally grown, healthy and zone appropriate plants, shrubs and trees, 
To provide a fun and educational experience in our gardens and our gift shoppe.
To Grow On You and add some sparkle to your days.
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