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Our Dad established Charles Wery Farms in 1966 and it flourished until both Mom - Beverly and his passing. Linda Wery, present owner, worked side by side with him since 1966, learning and growing. In 1986 Linda started Sweet Summer Bloomers.  Recently purchasing the homestead and business property and with Renee (another one of Charlies daughters), by her side business is changing and growing. 

We are a wholesale and retail garden center located by the historical Pink House in Howard, WI.  We have two locations, Lenwood is primary, 1616 W Mason is secondary but all carry zone appropriate flowers, trees, shrubs, baskets, and planters.  At the Lenwood site we also have a gift shop it is the Sugar on Top gift shop we have gifts geared to the gardener and for Christmas we offer eclectic, comforting and sparkling gifts, something for everyone.  Late summer and fall we offer local produce at the Lenwood location.  In the winter for Christmas we carry on Dad's tradtion of flocked and green trees, wreath boughs and baubles.  Of course the pink house, Mothers pride and joy remains pink and decorated in the Bev Wery tradition. 

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